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Friday, September 13, 2013

The most fun I’ve ever had gaming

This year has been one of slowly trying to turn my life around and get on a better track.  Part of that has involved shifting away from negative influences and focusing on the positive ones (because at the end of the day, given where I live and the life I’ve had, things are pretty darn good for me).

So I wanted to touch and start writing on here about the most fun I’ve ever had gaming.  I want to preface it with some apologies, though.  I kind of feel… bad.  Like I’m slighting all the fun times I’ve had gaming with friends over the years.  That’s not the case at all! 

Jason, I have absolutely loved all the board games we’ve played and can’t wait to play more.  To the friend, all those hours gaming online (and that epic 6-hour StarCraft game) were (and hopefully will continue to be) a blast.

The thing is, I came across something that was even more amazing…

D&D (henceforth referred to as DnD because I’m a lazy typer and the n is easier to input than the &)

Ok, that should probably be written as ‘table-top RPGs’ but DnD is what we were playing (some of the time), shorter to write, and catchier (in my mind at least).  I recently finished a campaign (well, it’s technically not done but I’m not sure if the group will ever be able to get back together) that was just… AMGSOMUCHFUN!

I think I know why it was so much fun as well: we could do whatever we wanted.  In board and computer games you’re ultimately restricted in what you can do.  In games like DnD your imagination is the limit (and it didn’t hurt that I was the GM and occasionally playing characters as well, so the world was… well… my fantasy come true).

So, yeah.  I have tons of stories I want to share about this last year playing our campaign, where I got started, and where I’d love to still go with games like it in the future.

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